About Us

United Sikh Mission is a non-profit organization based in Southern California, USA. Before its present shape and form, it was operated for several years, mainly through the individual efforts of its founder, Rashpal Singh of Fontana, California.

It was his personal and heart felt experience and realization that how much is needed and how much more we can do to deal with the plight of the poor in the rural areas of Punjab. He realized that individual efforts are limiting, ineffective and costly. With that in mind, he decided to reach out to friends and family while continuing to serve at a personal level.

He gained experience and established contacts with the health care professionals in Punjab and continued holding Eye Clinics. Helping needy families to marry off their daughters has been another worth while cause carried out by him since 2005. He also realized that it was not enough, the greater participation and united efforts of all are needed to make a dent in the enormity of situation there. The result was that the United Sikh Mission was born in 2006. Since then a Charter of the USM has been adopted, approved and registered with the Internal Revenue Services and the Franchised Tax Board of California.

Now the United Sikh Mission is a fully functioning charitable organization collecting tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses. Recently work has been expanded to the Clean Water Projects and granting the Education Scholarships for deserving students.